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Real Summer

18/06/2017 1 comment

Two weeks until better chipping potatoes

Wild Beer Co had rice, I survived

An Hour or Two

04/06/2017 Leave a comment

I got it wrong

And used a new chip shop

People of Swarm

04/06/2017 Leave a comment

Newport Bank Holiday Monday

With Mr Manning Fans

Announce The Barcode

21/05/2017 Leave a comment

One in each

And some Starbuck’s payment strangeness

A Good Friday

23/04/2017 Leave a comment

It was Newport

Of Course

Stow Hill is not Closed

02/04/2017 Leave a comment

The bus detoured

And the John Wallace Linton’s Wifi didn’t work with iOS

The Spring Spoons Beer Festival

26/03/2017 Leave a comment

Fine Ales

And a 3T

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