People of Swarm

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Newport Bank Holiday Monday

With Mr Manning Fans

Music This Month – May 2017

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Rockin’ Horse – Gov’t Mule
Fur Helene – Twelfth Night
Harden my Heart – Quarterflash
Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
A Light in the Sky – Don Airey

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May 2017

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The month of:-

Rain for the garden
Just a recycling bin
PTG and Local Election Day
Mostly Canton
Rain at last
No raw tomato
Non Agile work
Updating all things Apple
More rain
IO2017 Ho Hum
Solid weeding, tricky knee
T-shirt and redeemed coffee
Weeding and compost
Consulting in The Tumble
Hard Summer
Horses and The Otley
A New Bottle Shop
Earthing Up
People from The Internet
4.5 TOG

Coming in June 2017


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A New Bottle Shop

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Not really new

Just to me

Announce The Barcode

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One in each

And some Starbuck’s payment strangeness

Garden – May 2017

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Needing more rain

And fewer weeds

#mb06 The Creators Sunday

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And a seaside Premier Inn

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