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Out and About in Brussels

Post rain


IMG_6349   IMG_6352
Can you hear me?   The Stock Market.
IMG_6353   IMG_6354
The Grand Pace post rain.   Slightly to the right.
IMG_6360   IMG_6361
One of the Galleries.   Mort Subite, not open until 11:00 even on a Saturday.
IMG_6365   IMG_6366
Two Cows.   The Cathedral.
IMG_6367   IMG_6368
Central Station, full of Scouts.   Central Station. To the Belgians who have fallen.
IMG_6371   IMG_6373
More art.   Issues with Football too?
IMG_6377   IMG_6379
Note sure.   Ditto.
IMG_6381   IMG_6384
Towards the Grand Place.   From the people who brought you Tintin.


On Saturday morning in Brussels

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  1. 10/11/2012 at 22:30

    Lovely photos!
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    Happy travels!

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